A new way to think about lighting

Made in Finland, SNEP® is a safe and flexible lighting solution for industrial halls, stores, storage buildings, exercise and parking halls, and public spaces. SNEP® lighting helps to increase productivity, efficiency, safety and comfort. It makes products visible, so that they are attractive and sellable. SNEP® lighting can be used to create an atmosphere, to guide people, and to gather information from the environment and people's movements.

Meeting the needs of designers, architects and contractors

The energy-efficient and maintenance-free SNEP® lighting is designed and manufactured from energy-saving recycled aluminium. Carefully chosen high-quality components meet even the most stringent requirements and expectations cost-efficiently – without compromising.

SNEP meets the needs of lighting designers, architects, contractors, construction companies and property owners, not forgetting the users, of course.

SNEP is a modular concept with an exceptionally low number of components.

New! The flexible and adaptable SNEP® Mode lighting family

Purso has developed the new SNEP® Mode lighting family, that puts people in the spotlight. The clean design of the luminaire leaves room for architectural solutions and its adaptable properties allow the same luminaire model to be used in all spaces.

The modular and efficient SNEP Mode was launched at the Sähkö Tele Valo AV exhibition at Jyväskylä's Paviljonki in February 2018. The new lighting family attracted plenty of interest, particularly with regard to its versatility and adaptability. Thank you to all who visited the exhibition. We now have final confirmation that we took the right decisions in product development.


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SNEP® Mode C

SNEP® Mode C - A new way to think about an entire project

SNEP® Mode C applications include e.g., store and business premises, logistics centres, storage spaces, industrial halls and sports halls.

The modular and versatile light can be used to illuminate large surfaces with a wide light distribution or to effectively light up a vertical surface with asymmetric optics.

For example, shelf-space optics can be used to highlight products in stores in an energy efficient way without glare.

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SNEP® Linear S

SNEP® Linear S - Flexible lighting on the site's terms

SNEP® Linear S was designed as a lighting solution for production facilities, stores and other large spaces.

The high-quality optics of the stylish and sturdy light mean it can be adapted to almost all renovation sites and new builds.

A wide range of installation and connection methods as well as output versions guarantee flexible lighting to suit your site. The light's luminous efficacy can reach up to 165 lm/W.

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SNEP® Mode X

SNEP® Mode X- The heavyweight series of lighting solutions for industry

SNEP® Mode X is a light for demanding heavy industry conditions, such as sawmill, paper and process industry spaces, maintenance and service halls, and car wash lines.

The light meets top-end mechanical requirements and is an excellent choice for public terminals, tunnels and shelters.

SNEP® Mode X was designed in collaboration with industry customers for use in especially damp, dirty, cold and warm spaces.

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SNEP® Linear SR

SNEP® Linear SR - A ramp solution for stores

SNEP® Linear SR is a cost-efficient ramp light which provides a cost-effective lighting solution that is especially suitable for stores and other large spaces.

The light is made from recycled aluminium and can be installed in several different ways to flexibly meet the customer's needs.

The range of optics options mean that the light can be used in very different sites. Linear SR meets sports hall durability test requirements.

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SNEP® Mode Z

SNEP® Mode Z - A luminaire for demanding conditions

SNEP® Mode Z is a cost-efficient and versatile general luminaire for industry, maintenance, storage, and parking spaces.

The moisture and dust-protected IP65 class light features an aluminium SNEP® Mode CORE frame which acts as a base for high-quality LED components, optics, and connector and switch options, all placed inside a durable plastic case.

The wide range of light distribution provides balance even in low spaces.

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– Panel luminaire you can trust

The Essence panel offers uncompromising light quality, low glare (UGR <19) and reliable performance. Multi-talent of universal lighting, which illuminates offices, stores and corridors. The five-year warranty on the luminaire is the guarantee of the reliability of the Essence panel light.

Essence can be mounted on T-profile ceilings, ceiling surfaces and wire suspended. The possibility of through-wiring the luminaire also ensures cost efficiency in installation work.

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SNEP® Mode CR - Line lighting for a modern look

SNEP® Mode CR is a continuous lighting line that is easily integrated to freshen and unify the appearance of a site. Applications include shopping centres, public spaces, store facilities, and corridors.

SNEP® Mode CR can be used to flexibly provide just the right amount of light for a site.

The low-framed light is stylish in decorative lighting and provides a high lumen output in demanding conditions and in confined suspended ceilings.

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SNEP® LX - Style and efficiency

SNEP® LX is suitable for a variety of spaces where the light source must not be visible or dazzled. The luminaire offers unprecedented energy efficiency and glare, coupled with light distributions that cover a variety of different spaces regardless of the height of the room. Whether it is an office or a school, SNEP® LX also achieves an excellent end-of-life cost

The luminaire can be mounted on the surface or suspended and available in a wide range of colour rendering indexes and color temperatures, including tunable white.

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